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Buy Flax Seeds online(200g)

Buy Flax Seeds online (200g)

Buy Flax Seeds online(200g), NutroVally Flax Seed also known as Linseed is a rich source of Fiber, Omega 3 Fatty Acids-Alpha Linolenic Acids & Protein. It also contains various micronutrients like Magnesium, Calcium & Zinc. Flax seeds have been consumed for ages because it makes your heart healthy, stronger your digestion & takes care of your skin well.Include Flax Seeds to your diet, fulfil your nutritional requirements & get ready to experience various healthy changes within you.

Quality flax seeds linseed for oil pressing

Flaxseed is currently very popular as a dietary supplement. Bakery products with the addition of flaxseed acquire both a delicate taste, due to the large amount of fat, and an attractive-looking crust. Studies have shown that the consumption of bread enriched with flaxseeds for four weeks reduces the cholesterol content by 7-9%.
The possibility of using flaxseed flour for the preparation of gluten-free confectionery products has also been proven. Flaxseed proteins and adhesives are used in foods such as ice cream, powdered sauces, and soups.

Product Specifications

English name  flaxseed
Latin name flaxseed
Germination Rate95%
Color Natural color
Packing25kg or 50kg/pp bag or as customer’s request
Germination Temperature22-26 deree
SpecificationNo pollution,No pestiside,No heavy metal,No additives

Packing and Loading: 

20’ FCL = 12 MT (50 Kg PP or Gunny packaging)
1 x 40’ FCL = 23 MT (50 Kg PP or Gunny packaging)
1 x 40′ HC = 25 MT (50 Kg PP or Gunny packaging)


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