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  • Buy Organic Cane Sugar 5kg online

    Organic Cane Sugar is a real class act. This top-quality, utterly unique and 100% organic wonder-ingredient is an essential for any sweet food fan. Once you’ve grabbed a bag of this delicious and very special product, you may find yourself using it in all your favourite recipes and treats.

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  • Soft Brown Sugar (Light)

    This dreamy, dark, soft brown sugar is a classic essential cooking ingredient. It’s perfect for sweetening food of all kinds, from puddings, tarts and cakes, sweet treats and baked goods right through to hot and cold beverages like tea, coffee, milkshakes and fizzy drinks. This brown sugar is consistently one of the best-selling natural sweeteners we sell.

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  • White Stevia Crystals

    This is a good substitute for sugar but unfortunately not suitable for diabetics. If you require a low sugar sweetening product, then our pure stevia powder is suitable for diabetics.

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