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Fresh Frozen Salmon Fish

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We are the biggest fish suppliers in the world, We have a great variety of fresh frozen fish and seafood. We can even supply restaurants and hotel with fresh salmon as we do big volume sales every year.

rsFresh Frozen Salmon Fish Top Quality – Wholesale Suppliers Online

Fresh Frozen Salmon Fish Top Quality Wholesale Suppliers. Wholesale b2b market supplies also Tilapia, Skipjack, pollock, haddock, swordfish and other fishes.

We as suppliers of best quality Frozen salmon fish and other fishes like mackerel, sardine, tuna, yellow grouper and Ribbon.

Our days are full of work and some customers that contacted us in search of wholesale frozen salmon. Also, wholesale B2B marketplace provides deliveries by air freight and sea freight.

Meanwhile, others will be interested in buying fresh caught salmon fish whatever their size and number might be.

We are looking for serious buyers globally that are in need of any type of sea food contact with us for more details. bulk frozen salmon, frozen salmon wholesale, salmon fish wholesale, salmon wholesale suppliers

Specification of Pacific Salmon Fish

Scientific Name: CHUM- Oncorhynchus keta, PINK- Oncorhynchus gorbuscha, SOCKEYE- Oncorhynchus nerka.

Details: H&G, skinless, blocks, boneless fillets.

Sizing: Sockeye 2/4lb, 4/6lb, 6/9lb, Chum 2/4lb, 4/6lb, 6/9lb, 9+lb, Pink Salmon 1/3lb, 3+lb.

Salmon Fish Wholesale

  • 10 kg – Salmon FilletsWholesale Master Carton
    50 lb / 22.7 kg – Wholesale Master Carton
  • Chum Salmon Fillet
    Size: 800 Gram up/Piece
  • Skin on Boneless PBO IQF 25%Glazing No Compensated Color 13+
    Species is Oncorhynchus Keta
  • Catch Area is FAO 67
    Package:10Kg/CTN Bulk Package

salmon fish wholesale

Pacific Salmon Fish Suppliers Online

Fresh Frozen Salmon Fish Top Quality fresh salmon is nutritious food. salmon contains large amounts of fats that are healthy for the human body. they contain large amounts of omega-3. salmon also has large amounts of vitamin a and d as well as several minerals and lots of animal protein. all are contents that our body require to function. However, frozen salmon wholesale, salmon fish wholesale.

Fresh Salmon fish caught, cleaned and flash frozen the moment it lands at sea. Hence, our retail partners are the recipients of this freshest Salmon supply in the market and have a long term relationship with us.

More so, we guarantee absolute freshness because our supply chain has been streamlined with all cold chain-based storage systems across our logistics network through out India. Finally, bulk frozen salmon fish for sale online.

2 reviews for Fresh Frozen Salmon Fish

  1. Nguyen

    shipping and delivery is fast. have been buying from Wholesale b2b market many times. Will continue to buy from this seller.

  2. Kaisiepo

    Ini adalah tuna terbaik yang pernah saya pesan.
    Jika Anda mulai memotongnya, itu akan lebih baik, lebih baik untuk Anda, dan lebih murah untuk pembeli dalam jumlah besar.
    Tetapi ada kalanya kita tidak bisa, dan ini adalah pemasok sumber yang bagus untuk saat-saat itu.

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