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Buy Donkey Hide online

Buy Donkey Hide online

Buy Donkey Hide online, This leather is suitable for making bags, pouches, cushions or other upholstery application; to decorate the covers of journals and all creative project you can imagine.

Auto Interior Material/Microfiber Leather

1. Hydrolysis resistant, nor yellowing
2. Same as the natural leather of the surface. Light and Comfortable.
3. No smell and volatilization, easy to clean and good light fastness.
4. The tearing and peeling strength are higher than real leather
5. Abrasion-resistant, stain resistant. Fireproofing, waterproof, Anti graffiti, highly anti-scraping, wrinkles-resistant
6. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic specifications.
7. Can be used to make bags, dresses, shoes or the ornaments on the cars and furniture


Soft full grain smooth waterproof leather with oil finish. Chrome-tanned waterproof leather made by restrictedly selected raw hide, and applies with oil finish. Fully “Made in Holland”. All final products are made from raw hide inside our Amsterdam main factory.
Applicable to all kinds of leather goods, especially good for shoes, bags and small crafts.

Size: 23~24 sqf /side Thickness: 1.7mm 3 colors (For the order more than 500SQF, other colors are available.)

Skin & Hides

Firstly, High quality hides, we sell cow hides, buffalo hides,Donkey hides/sheep/goat hides and many more, contact for more info

Moreover, We also supply cow hides, calf skins, buffalo hides, cow head skins, cow trimmings, wet blue hides, goat skins, lamb skins, skins, lamb skins, greasy wool, rabbit skins, deer skins, horse hides and ostrich skins.

However, A wet salted donkey / cow hides a whole piece with head, ears, legs, tail and limbs. Machine leather 100%.
Minimum Average weight limit without salt and washing water residue: 7 kg

Average size12 to 15 sq. ft
Water contentless than 15%
Washing water content0.00%
Hair length2 ~ 4mm
Impuritiesno sand, no dust, no dirt, no foreign matter, no fat and no meat
Out of stockno problem with hair slipping , no rotten hide, no fat and meat on the hide, no Mule, No holes, no cuts, no overheating
Minimum Average weight limit7 kg minimum before salt application
Salt applicationedible salt
Sandnot cleaned of any other dust or dirt
Quantity1X40 feet FCL = 2700-2800 skins

The vendor will weigh each skin before and after salting and will prepare a weighing list according to the weight of each skin.
The Seller undertakes to provide the Donkey skin with a higher average weight than the minimum red mark of 7 kg / hide.


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